Behavioral Business Analysis System

People Shall Be Where They Best Express Their Potentials

Discover how Visionary HR Managers, HR Placement - Recruiting and - or Talent Acquisition Agencies using our "Behavioral Business Analysis System" can easily offer to their clients THE RIGHT CANDIDATES without having to go through complicated and time consuming interview processes. Or worse, sweat to understand Soft Skills of interviewed candidates.

Soft Skills are all those that allows people to manage relationships. 80% of business results are not determined by hard skills and knowledge but by behavioral factors - Soft Skills -.

Here's an example of what may happens today when you select staff based only on CVs and interviews:

  • you are relying on the subjectivity of those who do candidates selection
  • you are missing immediate comparison between the candidates you are selecting and the search you are doing
  • you are considering only their salary wish, availability, experiences and technical skills

How do you find out in advance that you have the right, high performing candidate in your hands?

You can profile your candidates with a behavioral and motivational analysis.

Why? Candidates do the hard work for you!
How? Create a matching between the ideal profile of the person sought and the candidate "behavioral and motivational" analysis results. Just by comparing the two, you can choose the high potential candidates for the interviews.

Knowing candidates behavior and motivation you get several advantages:

  • provide to your clients more high potential candidates that can possibly get hired
  • increase clients confidence on the quality of the CVs you provide
  • optimize time and costs
  • offer your clients additional services

Are you a Visionary HR Manager, HR Placement - Recruiting and-or Talent Acquisition Agency?
Do you want to easily identify right candidates for your clients and no surprises?
Let's have a 30 minutes meeting to chat on the "how to find right candidates".



During the meeting, you will discover how to analyze candidates business behaviour. And, analyzing elements such as the proactivity, the propensity to changes and the reliability of execution, how to identify good candidates and their potentials. You will "touch with your hands" how to benefits from:c

  • quickly become a top quality candidates supplier
  • locate good candidates who have the right business behaviour - soft skills
  • automate candidates soft skills analysis avoiding to work long hours on people resumes and interviews

Intrigued? If you are still reading this and feel that you are serious about learning a brand new skill that could create a recurring hiring successes for you and your clients then book your 30 minutes meeting.

… Easy To Use ...

You can get your "hands-on" before the meeting, I'll personally send you the link to try the system yourself.

Pietro Capozzi is not yet ready to go fishing full time and wants to help you learn a more smarter, productive and "surpriseless" talent acquisition process.

Pietro has interviewed hundreds and hundreds of candidates and hired many of them. Built successful teams, achieved stable and reliable operations and, found solutions to many kind of problems. Such as relocate services and teams, ride changes, solve personality conflicts and many, many more.

As Operations and Business Strategy Executive Advisor Pietro helped startups and entrepreneurs to better focus on their potentials and grow their business.

Since used the "Behavioral Business Analysis System" he has together with his partner and founder one objective: Help HR managers, HR Placement Agencies and Recruiters identify for their clients candidates with the right business behaviour. This is achieved by analyzing elements such as the aptitude to get into action, the propensity to changes and the reliability of the candidates. Candidates do the hard work for you!

The Behavioral Business Analysis System has me more excited than anything I have seen in many years. There are so many ways to make this working in your area that it will blow your mind.

It is a self-assessment system used by people and companies that care about personal growth and the people they work or will work with.

It doesn’t measure who the person is (temperament / personality), but what he does, the ways of doing things (character / attitude).

Does it seem like magic to you?

There are no magic and secrets to reveal, everything rests on a tested and proven method that allow you to truly and steadily grow.

Some numbers:

  • 12 years helping HR, companies, entrepreneurs, placement agencies, recruiters and sales teams to increase productivity, sales, team building and quality hiring
  • More than 6000 tests analyzed
  • 99.9% customers satisfaction rates
  • 11 Companies trained that use independently the Behavioral Business Analysis System
  • "One-To-One" and "Train-The-Trainer" training available

This is what you can do right away (free, but worth gold):

People Shall Be Where They Best Express Their Potentials